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  • Control unit for solarium
    How to make visiting solarium comfortable for the client and profitable for the fitness club?


    Pocketkey control unit for solarium makes this process fully automized.

    This is the controller that identifies the visitor and controls the process of visiting solarium.

    Being part of access control system, it makes it possible to create a convenient unified fitness club infrastructure.

    How does it work?

    Visitor taps the wristband or club’s card against the reader, the device identifies person and allows to change session settings. Identification is completely RFID technology based.

    Control unit provides full automatization service for visiting solarium.

    What does it mean?

    for fitness clubs

    Routine processes are automized: visitors are identified without gym staff interaction, no need to give out and collect tokens.

    Personnel is excluded from the access control process of solarium.

    Reduced fraud cases.

    Solarium only works during the time that the client has chosen.

    Convenience to customers

    No interaction with staff.

    Opportunity to independently visit solarium at any time.

    The possibility of extra payment for additional time after session is finished.

    Control unit for solarium can be integrated with any club’s software and provides an opportunity to obtain data on customers’ preferences to analyze their behavior.

    Technical characteristics

    Display 8″, TFT 1280×800
    Processor Dual core processor 1,8 GHz + quad-core 1,5 GHz
    OS Android 7.1 (and up)
    Memory 4Gb RAM, 8Gb flash memory
    Audio Sound dynamic and microphone
    Sensor Infra-red sensor
    Network LTE, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
    Contactless reader Mifare™
    Power supply 12V / 2A
    Dimensions 272mm × 135mm × 30mm