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    Electronic RFID wristbands

    An electronic wristband is a club card, an ID-turnstile card and an electronic locker key at the same time. Customers shouldn`t queue anymore and the staff won`t be overloaded.

    браслет с кармашком для ключа
    Key wristbands
    A silicon wristband with a key locker pocket which is worn like a watch.
    RFID-браслет с кармашком для ключа
    Key wristbands with a RFID-chip
    The RFID-wristband with a key pocket.
    Одноразовые RFID браслет с электронной меткой
    One use RFID-wristbands
    Budget-friendly one use RFID-wristbands for parties and resort hotels.

    Design of wristbands
    We create unique design wristbands for your sports club, so you can stand out.

    RFID-wristbands with Em-Marine chips
    Wristbands of the last generation with Em-Marine chips and buckles with a button stud.

    Electronic locker

    Electronic locker locks opening with one touch.

    Electronic locker locks Pocketkey 19 and 19-2

    It only takes one touch to open it.
    Locker locks PassTech ZP100 / ZP200

    Electronic locker locks

    Electronic lock PassTech PT200

    The lock operates in two modes: electronic key or code mode.

    Electronic locker locks Pass Tech ZP100WR / ZP200WR

    Electronic locks transmitting their status on Wi-Fi.

    Electronic code lock PassTech PT300KR

    Electronic locker code lock.

    Online plan of the locker room
    The plan shows to club customers in real time what lockers are free.

    Access terminal Pocketface
    Access terminal with simultaneous two-factor authentication

    Control unit for solarium
    Pocketkey control unit for solarium makes this process fully automized.


    We install and adjust turnstiles creating a gateway to sports clubs, swimming pools and water parks.

    Access control system with
    dual authentification

    We develop automated access control systems requiring less staff than for traditional ACS.

    One electronic key to everything

    The system follows the principle: “One key – wristband to everything”. The wristband serves as a key to the electronic locker lock and to the office door and raises a barrier on the parking lot.

    Facial recognition system

    It is not needed a person checking photos at the checkpoint any more. The facial recognition system compares the visitor`s face against the one in the photo and decides whether he may pass through the entrance.

    Visitor chooses a locker by himself

    The function “Free locker” allows a visitor to choose and occupy a locker he likes simply placing the wristband to the electronic lock.