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    This is the case for the locker key. A visitor of the sports club doesn’t care where to put the key; but simply wears it on his wrist. Unlike the key chain, it is impossible to lose or leave the wristband somewhere.

    Due to its high temperature resistance and waterproof design, the wristband is suited for use in swimming facilities, saunas and steam baths.

    The wristbands are made of hipoallergic materials: silicon and PVC. Therefore, they are strong, easy to clean and pleasant by touch.

    The wristbands are developed to be used in sports and fitness clubs, trampoline and climbing centers, waterparks and saunas.

    Браслет для ключа от шкафчика в фитнес-клуб
    Silicon wristband

    Silicon wristbands

    The silicon wristbands have the applied numbering on their surface eliminating this way the monotonous application by hand and withstand the temperature up to 120°С.



    On the surface of PVC-wristbands you can apply numbering by yourself using a permanent marker. The wristbands withstand temperature up to 80°С.


    A one-color logo can be applied to the wristband. Place for logo 23×16 mm.

    Our works

    Браслет для ключа Покеткей Pocketkey Наши работы

    Wristband assembly

    The wristbands are delivered in parts: separately a buckle and a snap fastener. For your convenience we made a short 1,5 minutes instruction how to assemble the wristband.

    It is very simple to assemble the wristband and the process takes less than a minute. Insert the key, push the snap and click it into place.

    Free choice of colors

    Choose one of 18 colors for your wristband!

    In addition to 18 free colors, it is possible to produce a wristband of any other shade from the Pantone color palette.