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  • Key wristbands with a RFID-chip

    The wristband combines a key pocket and a RFID-tag. Thus, in one wristband there are a locker key and an electronic key from a turnstile.

    This solution saves your money on equipping lockers with electronic locks, while using all the conveniences of an electronic wristband.

    RFID-браслет с кармашком для ключа

    Convenient snap

    The wristband is worn like a watch, holds reliably around the wrist, suitable for doing sports and hard to lose in comparison with an electronic card.



    The wristband is suited for use in swimming facilities because it is made of silicon.


    Popular tags

    Wristbands contain Mifare 1K and Em-marine.


    Numbers are made of the same material as the wristband. Due to this fact the number will serve you as long as the wristband itself. Numbering is included in the price.

    Logo on

    A one-color logo can be applied to the wristband.

    Free choice of colors

    Choose one of 18 colors for your wristband!

    In addition to 18 free colors, it is possible to produce a wristband of any other shade from the Pantone color palette.