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    Electronic locker locks Pocketkey 19 / 19-2

    Models Pocketkey 19 and Pocketkey 19-2

    Pocketkey electronic locks are for installation on lockers in locker rooms, cabinets, safe deposits for documents.

    The surface-mounted lock can be easily installed on doors of various materials (particleboard, wood, metal).

    The outer part of the lock is made of metal in the form of a handle to open the cabinet door.

    Locks are available in two cases: a compact Pocketkey 19 and an ergonomic Pocketkey 19-2. Both locks have the same functionality.

    We also produce locker lockers with already installed electronic locks.


    Resistant to burglary and durable

    The absence of external mechanical parts increases resistance to burglary, and also ensures the durability of locks (several times longer operation than mechanical locks).

    One RFID key for all

    Compatible with existing RFID systems. We configure the way so that one RFID-key is the key from the locker, from the turnstile, the electronic club card and even the payment instrument.

    Warranty – 1 year

    The lock warranty is 1 year. We are the official supplier of Pocketkey locks and provide after-sales support.

    Service support:
    +372 6682-802

    Our project

    электронные замки для шкафчиков Покеткей 19 Pocketkey 19-2электронные замки для шкафчиков Покеткей 19 Pocketkey 19-2электронные замки для шкафчиков Покеткей 19 Pocketkey 19-2электронные замки для шкафчиков Покеткей 19 Pocketkey 19-2электронные замки для шкафчиков Покеткей 19 Pocketkey 19-2электронные замки для шкафчиков Покеткей 19 Pocketkey 19-2электронные замки для шкафчиков Покеткей 19 Pocketkey 19-2

    Reliability. Functionality. Price.

    Our company has directly participated in the process of improvement of the lock. Thanks to our cooperation with the manufacturer, the stability of the work has been improved, errors have been corrected and the functionality has been significantly expanded. Our goal was to achieve functionality at the level of European and American locks, while maintaining the cost 2 times lower. It seems that we succeeded.

    Different modes for different tasks

    Free locker

    The visitor gets a key without a number. Then he chooses any free locker in the locker room. The locker “remembers” the key and can`t be opened with other one. When opening, the locker “forgets” this key and becomes free again.

    Link a number

    The mode “Link a number” is similar to the operation of conventional mechanical locks. To each lock is suitable only one electronic key (or several keys, if required).

    Safe deposit

    In this mode the lock is opened with 2 keys: with thevisitor`s card and administrator`s card. Such double identification protects access to the safe deposit box or lockermore reliably.

    Auxiliary equipment

    Information Terminals

    For the operation mode “Free locker” we developed an information terminal. The guest can know his locker number just placing the RFID-key to the locker.


    Sticker Numbers

    To number the locker we offer polymer stickers for locks. With the sticker the lock will function as lock, as handle and as number simultaneously.



    Locks from the inside

    By default, the inner part of the lock is made of impact-resistant plastic. But it is possible to make locks with an inner part made of metal.


    Electronic key

    The lock is opened with an electronic RFID-key. We can offer you convenient RFID-wristbands.

    Fully autonomous

    The lock is powered by 3 AA batteries and requires no electrical outlet. Batteries can be purchased from us at wholesale prices.

    The charge lasts a year. Having spent a resource of batteries, the lock gives a light and sound signal.

    In the event of a batteries discharge we deliver complete a power supply for emergency opening the lock.

    Batteries can be replaced by yourself or you cancall us to replace and to run diagnostics.


    Color solutions for Pocketkey 19 locks







    Technical Features of Pocketkey 19

    Installation method Surface-mounted
    Housing material
    Key Smart-card or electronic wristband with Em-Marine or Mifare tag.
    Reading range 2-4 sm
    Colors Silver, white, black, gold
    Dimensions Outside – 50 mm x 100 mm. Inside – 65 mm x 130 mm x 20 mm
    Temperature range from +5°С to +40°С
    Indication Light and sound indication of opening, closing and alarming
    Power 3 AA batteries
    Locker programming possible Yes
    Application Lockers

    In access control system integrated