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    We create and install equipment for sports clubs helping to save your money, increase your sales and delight your customers
    We cooperate with fitness clubs, gyms, swimming pools, trampoline centers, tennis courts and other sports facilities.
    We also provide our services in equipping locker rooms in a factory and install turnstiles at checkpoints.
    We don`t make unrealizable promises, we tell the real terms.

    Making Customers Happy

    Our aim is to help the sports clubs making a convenient infrastructure for their customers, so they are not distracted from their favorite sport. A satisfied customer means new sales in the future. Especially for such purposes we developed and produce:



    A universal electronic key from a door, locker, safe deposit, turnstile and barrier on the parking and you will not lose it.

    браслет с кармашком для ключа

    Key wristband

    This is the case for the locker key wearing on the hand and suitable for doing sports.

    Saving of time and money

    Save time on finding contractors. We did it for you have putting together a team of specialists and the best manufacturers in the country.
    We are scrupulous in the choice of materials and suppliers. Therefore our equipment lasts longer.
    One year of free service.
    If something breaks down during a year after installation, we will fix it at our own expense.

    мебель для фитнес-клубов

    Furniture for sports clubs

    Lockers for dressing rooms, benches, reception desks and more made of moisture-resistant laminated chipboard Egger (Austria).

    электронные замки для шкафчиков

    Electronic locker locks

    Electronic locks are opened with a single touch and serve several times longer due to the absence of external mechanical parts.



    Polish stainless steel turnstiles with a service life of 8 years. Turnstiles with a fingerprint scanner.

    Increase your sales

    ACS for fitness clubs

    We design and create access control systems for fitness clubs. Effective ACS allows you saving money on staff and increasing sales.


    Our customers: