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  • Access terminal Pocketface
    Pocketface is an access terminal with simultaneous two-factor authentication function headlining integrated face recognition camera, big touch screen, infra-red detectors and LED indicators.


    Pocketface is a universal terminal that controls visitor’s access to different fitness zones and manages additional devices such as door locks, solarium, vending machines.

    The device also features one-step authentication mode functioning as a part of standard access terminal.

    Dual authentication

    Unlike other access terminals Pocketface enables usage of two authentication technologies of the visitors: biometrics (face recognition) and readout of RFID card or wristband.

    By implementing two of these technologies non-authorized visitors are prevented from entering.


    Pocketface camera with infra-red detector catches and identifies face at a distance up to 1 meter.

    High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDR) support allows camera to work in very dark or light premises.

    Technical characteristics

    Display 8″, TFT 1280×800
    Camera 2-megapixels, HDR support
    Processor Dual core processor 1,8 GHz + quad-core 1,5 GHz
    OS Android 7.1 (and up)
    Memory 4Gb RAM, 8Gb flash memory
    Audio Sound dynamic and microphone
    Sensor Infra-red sensor
    Network LTE, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
    Contactless reader Mifare™
    Power supply 12V / 2A
    Dimensions 272mm × 135mm × 30mm