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    Electronic code lock Pocketkey 19-2K

    Model Pocketkey 19-2K

    Pocketkey 19-2K electronic code locks are designed for installation on locker doors and safe deposit boxes. Due to absence of external mechanical parts, the lifetime of electronic locks is longer than the life of mechanical locks and they are much easier in use.

    The lock is opened by entering of a digital code or with an electronic key. The durable numeric keypad is made in the form of a touch panel.

    Кодовый электронный замок Покеткей Pocketkey 19-2K 19K

    Operating principle

    The lock operates in the mode “Free code” and is initially opened. The guest chooses a free locker and puts his things inside. To close the locker it is needed to set a four-digital code. By entering this code the lock remembers it and closes. To open the lock, the code should be entered again and the lock will be opened. Thus the lock will forget the code and will be waiting for another guest. In force majeure situations, when a visitor forgets the code, there is a special electronic administrator’s key that allows you resetting the code and opening the lock.

    Resistance to Burglary

    The electronic lock doesn`t have a keyhole and there is no access to its mechanism. That is why it is hard to break it.

    Pocketkey Code locks are fully autonomous

    The lock is powered by 3 AA batteries and requires no electrical outlet. The lifetime of batteries is 1 year. Having spent a resource of batteries, the lock gives a light and sound signal.

    Batteries can be replaced by yourself or you can call us to replace and to run diagnostics.

    In the event of a batteries discharge we deliver complete a power supply for emergency opening the lock.

    Batteries are not included in the lock price. However, we can offer you high-quality batteries, well-proven in operation with electronic locks, at wholesale prices.

    Mounting of electronic code locker locks

    Our company not only delivers, but also mounts electronic code locks.

    Due to the lock construction (surface-mounted) the code locks can be mounted on doors made of various materials (particle board, metal, wood etc.).

    We also offer ready solutions – lockers made by our company with mounted and set locks.


    Installation method Surface-mounted
    Body material
    Master key Smart keyholder or electronic wristband Touch Memory
    Code panel Touch sensitive
    Colors Silver, gold
    Dimensions External part 500 mm x 100 mm. Internal part 65 mm x 130 mm x 20 mm.
    Temperature range from +5°Сup to +40°С
    Status indication (closed / opened) Sound and light
    Alarm indication Sound and light
    Power 3 AA batteries
    Locker number programming No

    In access control system integrated